See the Adopted Map 112 as a PDF with the demographics here or view it in the Interactive Review Map.

The table below contains:

(1) a printable version of each proposed map, including a second page providing the demographics of each district in each map. The proposed election sequence for each map (listing which districts are proposed for 2024 elections and which are for 2026) is printed on each map. Three districts must hold election in 2024 and two in 2026.

(2) the original submission, as received by the city. This will be either the original PDF or image file or a screencap if the map was submitted via DRA.

The most detailed way to view each draft map is using the interactive review map. The link takes you to a website where you can view all of the maps and zoom in and out to see the map details.

Map Original Submission Date Published Notes
Public Map 101 Link 6/28/2022 Not Population-balanced (close to 10%)
Public Map 102 Link 6/28/2022 Not Population-balanced (close to 10%)
Public Map 103 Link 6/28/2022  
Public Map 104 Link 6/28/2022  
Public Map 105 Link 6/28/2022  
Public Map 106 Link 6/28/2022 Not Population-balanced
Not Contiguous
Public Map 107 Link 6/28/2022 Not Population-balanced
NDC Map 108 n/a 6/28/2022  
NDC Map 109 n/a 6/28/2022  
NDC Map 110 n/a 6/28/2022  
Public Map 111 Link 6/28/2022 Received on-time
Public Map 112 Link 8/29/2022  
Public Map 113 Link 8/29/2022